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We help aspiring Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Product Owners with growing their agile knowledge, skills, and capability, by providing a broad library of high-quality self-paced agile education and mentoring so that they can succeed in their career and earn more money.

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We have designed our courses from the ground up for self-paced, on-demand learning using tried and tested techniques to provide an engaging and compelling experience.

Expert Trainers

Our courses are delivered by highly respected Certified Scrum Trainers® with decades of experience delivering high-quality Scrum training, coaching and consulting.

We live Agile

At Agile Centre, we don’t just teach Agile; we live it. A great deal of our success has been achieved by actively practising Agile and Scrum values in all departments.

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We created the Agile Success Academy for people just like you...

Join the Agile Success Academy, designed for learners at all levels, and get access to e-learning courses, live masterclasses, downloadable resources, exclusive community and live Q&A's - all in one place.


Our Courses

Our mission is to cultivate high-performance, Agile organisations that unleash people’s passion and creativity.

We believe that growing organisational Agile capabilities is one of the most effective, and sustainable ways to achieve exactly that. As such, our Certified Scrum Trainers and Educators have designed and developed on-demand courses which inform, educate, and empower people in an engaging and interactive format. A format which serves as the perfect launchpad for transforming delegates into practitioners.


Join the Agile Success Academy today and start your journey towards achieving your goals with greater effectiveness! Access a wealth of resources, including e-learning courses, live mentoring calls and masterclasses, and a supportive community.


Build a solid foundational knowledge of Agile and the Scrum framework, including the events, roles, artefacts and commitments to help you understand how teams can work on complex products in a responsive way.


Start on the path to professional coaching, the discipline of asking questions to help people reach their potential and get clarity on their thinking. Learn how you can support your team/clients in an uncertain business landscape.


Become an Agile leadership expert in today's fast-paced business environment. Coach and lead your teams to perform more effectively and understand how to create, nurture and develop empowering places to work and industry-leading organisations.


Master the art of creating user stories in the realm of product development and project management. Learn how to effectively capture user needs, define requirements, and communicate with stakeholders through actionable stories.


Take your Scrum Master career to the next level with our Growing Scrum Masters - Advanced course. Dive deep into a range of topics, including Facilitation, Coaching, Team Dynamics, Scaling Scrum and Organisational Change.


Test your Scrum knowledge with our Scrum Master Preparation Exams. Try 4 set mock exams, and a randomised mock exam with over 230 questions covering a range of topics included in the Certified ScrumMaster® training.


Delve into the tools and insights required to create and implement effective working agreements, enhancing your team's productivity while strengthening their cohesion and collaborative spirit.

Growing Scrum Masters Upgrade

Validate the learning from the Growing Scrum Masters - Advanced course through modular assignments and validation calls to achieve the Advanced Certified Scrum Master certification with Scrum Alliance.


Combine the extensive learning of the Growing Scrum Masters - Advanced course with modular assignments and validation calls to gain the Advanced Certified Scrum Master certification with Scrum Alliance.


If you're new to Scrum, this bite-sized masterclass is designed to help you get started with this valuable framework. Explore an overview of Agile and Scrum and the components of the Scrum framework.


Learn the top 7 pitfalls that may be disrupting your organisation's Agile transformation efforts. Discover how to create business agility and innovation in your organisation and how to 10x your chances of success.


Product strategy is at the core of the Product Owner role. In this masterclass, learn the integrated set of strategic choices Product Owners must make to outthink and out-deliver the competition.


Explore a 5-stage framework for mastering the facilitation of Retrospectives, along with example scenarios and common pitfalls (and solutions!) to help you unlock the power of Retrospectives.


Explore 5 key levers leaders can use to dramatically shift their organisation's culture, along with a real-world case study demonstrating the impact of culture change. Achieve more collaboration and experimentation in your organisation.


According to recent surveys, only 15% of people are engaged at work. This is deeply troubling on a human level. In this talk, we’ll cover the benefits of increasing employee engagement and the key areas for supercharging engagement.


In our fast-paced world, the ability to effectively facilitate complex conversations is a critical skill. Whether you're a seasoned professional refining facilitation skills or an aspiring changemaker, this masterclass is for you.


Tired of feeling stuck in mediocrity as a Scrum Master? Forget "what you should do" and focus on the critical "don'ts" that hold you back. This masterclass takes you on a deep dive into 12 common pitfalls even experienced Scrum Masters fall into.


Business Agility is a hot topic, but why is it important in the 21st-century business landscape? In this masterclass, explore what the term truly means, its value for teams and organisations, and how inspiring leadership can help us achieve it.


Ever felt your mind go blank when it matters most? This could be stress shutting down your 'thinking brain'. In this leadership-focused talk, learn how to foster a thinking-friendly environment that enables people to be creative.


Great Scrum Masters empower their teams through effective leadership. This masterclass dives into a range of leadership styles, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to adapt your approach to fit the specific needs of your team.


Organisational change is hard, and Agile transformations are even more complex. Most will fail to achieve the desired results. In this talk, Karim explores why change fails, what we can do, and how to set transformations up for success.

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